a sign for the round tables event displaying a sponsor logo
Photo by Scott Iskowitz/AP Images for HSUS

As Animal Care Expo continues to grow in terms of both attendance and exhibitors, make sure to keep your logo and message in front of all attendees.

Increase booth traffic and generate high quality leads and interactions with sponsorship activities designed to enhance your presence and visibility to thousands of people in the fields of animal care, rescue, control, protection, and emergency response.


Roundtables and Breakfast


Help to give attendees the opportunity to sit with a small group of peers to share ideas on a variety of topics from the field of animal sheltering and rescue. The sponsor will welcome the attendees to the round table discussion and breakfast and will have up to 3 minutes to address the crowd. Your material will be shown on the large screens during the session. You’ll also close the session and end it with an invitation to visit your booth.

Welcome Session and Hosts


Monday, 3 pm – 4:30 pm

Kitty Block, President, and CEO of the HSUS, will open the welcome session with a motivating speech and generous acknowledgment of the welcome session sponsor. The welcome session will continue with a lively presentation on a topic of current interest to the animal care field. Your sponsorship will give you the opportunity to address the full audience (up to 3 minutes), as well as special recognition on signage at the event entrance. By sponsoring the Expo welcome session, your company or organization will gain high visibility at Expo’s largest event. Your team is invited to welcome all attendees as they arrive at Expo. A photo op banner is near registration for more networking fun!

Keynote Speaker at the Welcome Session


Your company sponsors the motivational speaker that sets the tone for the conference. You will be acknowledged for your generous support throughout expo on signage and on the large screens at the general session. Your company introduces the keynote speaker at the welcome session.


$30,000 provides funds for 10 organizations

HSUS is committed to supporting individuals working to strengthen the wellbeing of animals. Conference scholarships are offered to ensure the widest possible representation at the conference. Non-profit and municipal organizations selected will receive up to $3,000 each to send two or more staff and/or volunteers to the in-person conference. Funds will go toward the cost of conference registration and travel and hotel expenses. As a Conference Scholarship Sponsor, you will help promote participation and reduce barriers for delegates wishing to attend the 2022 Animal Care Expo.

Feature Session


Tuesday 10:00 am - 11:30 am

The feature session focuses on an emerging hot topic impacting animal welfare. You will be recognized as the sponsor bringing together insights and groundbreaking content. Sponsorship will give you the opportunity to address the assembly (up to 3 minutes). There are no competing events during the feature session.

Plenary Panel Session


The plenary panel session brings together leaders in the animal welfare community to address key concerns and answer questions. Sponsorship will give you the opportunity to invite the panelists, formulate the topics, and address the audience. There are no competing events during the plenary panel session.

Session Tracks

$7,500 per track

Be the sponsor of a track that aligns with your mission and goals. Track sponsors are clearly identified on the Expo website and in the conference app. Your sponsorship includes track-specific logo placement and recognition, a slide naming your company as the track sponsor before all track sessions. 2022 tracks included:

  • Behavior
  • Cats
  • Field Services
  • Fundraising and Marketing
  • Keeping Families Together
  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Pets for Life
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Working Together

Learning Labs

$6,000 per learning lab

Learning labs offer a full day of in-depth instruction. Your organization will be recognized through signage, in the app, and in the pocket guide as the sponsor of a learning lab. You also have the option of addressing the learning lab audience for 2 minutes at the beginning of the session. Existing topics may be sponsored, or you are welcome to suggest and coordinate a session, subject to approval by HSUS.

Breakfast sessions

$3,000 per session

Create your own content and help attendees start the day right by hosting a breakfast session prior to the start of the conference program. Sponsor is responsible for food and beverage.

Poster Session


Posters will be displayed in the exhibit hall, where attendees have one-on-one discussions with innovators covering a broad range of sheltering topics. This sponsorship is available only to exhibiting companies.

Exhibit Hall Session

$2,000 per 30-minute session

The Expo Hall Theater Area is the ideal forum to host 30-minute educational sessions presenting your products or services to an interested audience of animal care professionals and volunteers. Your educational session will be available live in the exhibitor theater for all attendees to see. Located in the exhibit hall, each session will be approximately 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A. You choose the speakers and topics!

Focus Groups - NEW


Speak directly to your customers and potential clients to test concepts and gain insights. Sponsorship includes a meeting room for one day for conducting your focus group, as well as access to the opt-in attendee list for sending invitations.

Individual Session


Be the sponsor of a breakout session that aligns with your mission. You will be recognized on the Expo website, signage, and in the conference app. Your sponsorship includes track-specific logo placement and recognition, and a slide identifying your company as the session sponsor before the session begins.

Coffee Chat - NEW


Sponsor a coffee chat that aligns with your goals. This casual setting is a great way to build professional connections with those who have similar interests. Coffee and bagels will be served.

Meeting Rooms - NEW

$1,000 per room per day

If you are interested in holding private meetings, staff functions, or meetings with customers, meeting space is available to rent for $1,000 per day (8am – 5pm). All room set ups, audio-visual, and food/beverage are the responsibility of the sponsor.

Attendee essentials

Expo conference registration


Reach potential customers before they walk through the door with this exclusive online and on-site registration sponsorship. Your logo and banner will appear on the registration page of the Animal Care Expo website and your company logo will be featured on email confirmations to registered attendees. Your logo and signage will also be displayed in the on-site conference registration area.

Expo conference bag


Every attendee will be carrying the stylish and sturdy conference bag prominently featuring your company’s logo. These functional bags are used long after the conference ends. The bag will be co-branded with your logo and HSUS.

Animal Care Expo App


Engage with attendees seeking solutions by sponsoring the Expo App! Your logo is displayed when the app starts, and you receive a banner ad placement within the app and two push notifications during Expo.

Water refill stations


Your logo will appear on all of the hydration stations throughout Expo.


Welcome social on Monday


The Networking welcome social offers an energetic environment for renewing relationships, making new contacts and catching up on developments in the field. Dinner will be set up throughout the exhibit hall and includes one ticket for beer, wine, or soda.

Expo Party


The conference fun continues at the Expo Party! All attendees are invited to dance the stress away, sip on cocktails, and enjoy delicious bites.

Exhibit hall happy hour on Tuesday


Help attendees celebrate a full day of learning by sponsoring happy hour. Your company will be recognized through branded signage at the bars and food stations throughout the Expo Hall!

Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

$5,000.00 per day (Tuesday or Wednesday)

With the exhibit hall opening at lunchtime, make sure to help keep attendees on the floor with this great sponsorship. Make a strong impression at these popular and energetic times for renewing relationships and making new contacts. You’ll be recognized through signage and announcements as well as an app reminder alert to all attendees.

Social media filter


People are more connected electronically than ever before. Your logo will appear with HSUS on this co-branded filter and will have everyone tweeting and posting about Expo. This will enhance the involvement and participation of our remote audience.

Learning lab lunch on Monday


Learning labs are full day in-depth workshops designed to fully explore current issues. Give everyone a break from intense learning by sponsoring the learning lab lunch.

Fun Ribbon Station - NEW


Attendees can choose from a variety of fun ribbons – sponsored by your organization! The ribbon station can be placed near registration or in your booth. Ribbons include great conversation starters! Top Dog, Let’s Paw-ty, My BFF is Furry!

Celebrate diversity

We invite you to support an inclusive culture in the animal welfare field. Your sponsorship will help fund programming and events to reflect the cultural, gender, age, and other aspects of our diverse community. Your organization's sponsorship will help promote participation and reduce barriers and create a more welcoming environment for all.

Spotlight on Inclusion: Sessions


The Humane Society of the United States is committed to increasing the inclusiveness and diversity of our movement and our work, as reflected in our statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Animal Care Expo is the ideal venue to integrate a wide range of perspectives in our approach to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals. By sponsoring the Spotlight on Inclusion sessions, your company will help fund the recording of these sessions, making them even more accessible.

Spotlight on Inclusion: Speakers


We make every effort to ensure a range of backgrounds and perspectives among our speakers, conference participants and session content. To make sure our participants get to hear and learn from the best possible group of speakers and presenters, your sponsorship support speakers who need financial assistance to present at the conference, including hotel and travel.

Spotlight on Inclusion: Reception


Everyone is invited to gather, build connections, and continue conversations in a more casual setting. It's an opportunity for all to celebrate our diversity in our community, be it racial, generational, sexual, ethnic, disability-related or religious. Help support our goal of cultivating a safe, diverse, welcoming community where everyone feels like they belong. Everyone is invited to learn about our new programs and share ideas.

Support BIPOC Businesses

$5,000 - $50,000

Give BIPOC-owned small business owners the opportunity to exhibit at Animal Care Expo 2023! From dog food creators to cat toy manufacturers – emerging businesses can benefit from participating in Expo. Your support will allow these companies to showcase their products and services in the exhibit hall as well as attend sessions, network, and make presentations.

Featured Session: Advocating for Diversity


Be the sponsor of a panel session designed to provide attendees with real life examples of thought processes, implementation strategies, lessons learned, and recommendations for joining in on the change at their own shelter or rescue. Discussions will include community-based approaches for greater effectiveness in animal sheltering by learning what is important in their locality and the systemic barriers they are facing.

First-time Attendee Buddy Network


The Buddy Network will assist with connecting first-time attendees with an experienced attendee at Animal Care Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana. The program is designed to extend a warm and hearty welcome to those attending our conference for the first time by pairing them with experienced attendees to help "break the ice" and demystify the conference in both the social and professional realm. The Buddy Network offers a simple and informal means for veteran attendees to welcome and connect with newer conference participants – and to open a door or two for additional social and professional interaction. Your organization will be recognized on the matching site as well as in the Buddy Network correspondence. The participant list will be provided to the sponsor.

Advertising and wayfinding

Expo aisle signs


By sponsoring the numbered floor sticker aisle signs in the exhibit hall, your company logo, booth number and design will be prominently displayed where it simply cannot be missed! Featured on floor stickers at each aisle, your message will reinforce your brand and drive traffic to your booth as attendees navigate the exhibit hall – guaranteed impressions and branding to thousands of attendees!

Hotel Room Keys

$5,000 (additional hotel and production fees will apply)

Add your custom graphics to the hotel room keys. Sponsor responsible for all associated production and hotel costs.

Pocket Guide


Your company will be highlighted in the pocket guide, which is used by all attendees. Sponsorship includes a half page ad.

Floor Stickers - your logo on 5 directional floor stickers


Prominently display your logo on directional floor stickers to lead attendees to key Expo areas. These signs help attendees navigate through the exhibit hall and are constantly being viewed.

Directional Signs


Your company artwork on the entire back side of three directional meter boards (1 meter wide, 8’ tall)

Hotel Room Drop

$2,000 (Additional hotel fees will apply)

Your literature or flyer can be delivered to each attendee’s hotel room on the conference night of your choosing. This is a perfect opportunity to further advertise your booth. Sponsor is responsible for producing and shipping the flyers to the hotel.

App banner ad


Your banner ad appears on the app used by the majority of attendees at Animal Care Expo!

All Animals Marketplace Ad

$1,200 (discounted rate for Expo exhibitors and sponsors - limited space available)

All Animals, the member magazine for the Humane Society of the United States, reaches more than 1.1 million people per issue. 65% of All Animals readers own at least one dog and 57% own at least one cat. Your 1/9-page ad will appear in the 2023 spring issue of All Animals – cited by members as a top benefit! Space must be reserved by December 31, 2022 and must be approved by HSUS.

HumanePro Ad

$1,000 (discounted rate for Expo exhibitors and sponsors - limited space available)

Place your 300x250 block ad on the Expo pages of HumanePro.org for 3 months. With an average of 38,500 unique monthly views – you are sure to be seen by the right audience!

Expo Bag Swag


Your company’s tangible swag will be distributed to all conference attendees. Such items could include gift cards, product samples or other fun goodies. Fliers are not permitted as bag swag. You will need to provide a quantity of 1,800. Item must be approved by HSUS.

Expo app challenge game


Drive traffic to your booth by participating in the Animal Care Expo challenge! Played entirely though our mobile app, this interactive game has conference attendees complete challenges throughout the conference to earn points. Sign up to have more attendees visiting your booth to learn more about YOU!

Virtual Tote Bag


Show your commitment to the environment by creating your very own marketing piece that will be available in HumanePro’s virtual tote bag! Create a PDF insert that fits your message. Your logo will be the thumbnail image leading to your flyer!

Prize Sponsor


Donate prizes for:

  • Expo app challenge game
  • Thursday morning sessions
  • Conference survey