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Tabitha Kucera

“Expo helps rejuvenate me. I love that it's very large and there's so many topics covered and tracks. I understand that not everyone can go to a tons of conferences, so Animal Care Expo is awesome because there's so much…That’s why I think it's important to send more than one team member… and divide and conquer. Then you’re also empowering staff members who loves whatever it is, they can come back and be the cheerleader and initiate projects, then they're going to be happier at work and they're going to do a better job educating others…There's people of all backgrounds and job descriptions, which I also like. I feel like Expo is one of the conferences that has worked to be inclusive and share up-to-date information.”

—Tabitha Kucera, RVT, CCBC, KPA-CTP, Owner, Chirrups and Chatter

“All the content and exhibitors who were at the expo were a great opportunity to acquire better knowledge, in general everything was of great contribution.”


“Some of the presentations were amazing. Pets for life is doing great work. I also learned a lot about how I can promote DEI in my org and further our relationship with our tribal partners. I was also specifically hoping to connect with someone on getting samples of legal documents that could be used for respite fostering which is a huge need here right now, and I found everything I needed in the eviction toolkit! I literally got ALL the things I was hoping for (and more) from this expo. Thank you!”


Garrett Parsons
Garrett Parsons

“I had to learn how to run an animal shelter. I didn’t know how to do that and it was something very new. I went to Expo in Ft. Lauderdale and it was the craziest few days of my life. I had never been in a place with so many likeminded people and to see what all was out there in terms of animal welfare. I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be.”

—Garrett Parsons, Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Cincinnati

“This so far has been my favorite webinar. As a black woman in animal welfare, who also is in a leadership role, there are not many that look like me. It's time for that to change. I enjoyed learning about everyone and how DEI work would affect different regions of the country. In some areas it may be easier to implement than others. Great session!”


“Hands down the best virtual expo I have experienced!”

—Eric Sheppard, Animal Care Director, Humane Society of Northeast Georgia

Ana Zorilla
Ana Zorilla

“[My first Expo] was such an awesome introduction to the bigger animal welfare world.”

—Ana Zorilla, CEO, Louisiana SPCA

“Expanding the meaning of animal welfare beyond my own involvement. Learning new techniques and collaborating and sharing ideas, successes, and innovations!”

—Debbie Carman, Lifesaving & Care Specialist, Best Friends Animal Society

“Loving all of the day's sessions!”

—Liliana Galo

“Today was really inspiring!”

—Melody Lamis

“My first time at expo but it certainly won’t be the last.”

—Jen Gallant

Caitlin Quinn
Caitlin Quinn

“This is my tenth year attending Expo. I am not lying when I say it’s my favorite conference - I always get a ton out of it.”

—Caitlin Quinn, DOO, HeartsSpeak

“Really great conference - thanks to all the exhibitors - good stuff!”

—Debbie Darling Norris

“So happy with the wonderful and informative content presented today.”

—Jessica Gutmann

“Thank you to everyone for all the information! It has been a great conference!”

—Jenn Yapa

“This has been an amazing three days - so inspiring to see so much talent, commitment and passion gathering from around the world!”

—Melissa Tedrowe, HSUS Staff

Christina Flanagan
Christina Flanagan

“I’ve attended [Animal Care Expo] four times. Having the opportunity to see who is really successful with a program and ask them for more information and take their best advice, being able to avoid those potholes, that’s great information and you can only get that from networking with peers.”

—Christina Flanagan, COO, Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

“My favorite part was learning of resources I did not know existed. Thank you for a great expo, look forward to in person 2022!”

—Michelle Young

“All the forms and guidelines for adoption teams and general shelter staff were great too. I just have so much to read and organize! Overall, this was an awesome experience. I had to jump in and out of a few sessions so I am really grateful for the e-docs! I also love that I attended a conference and used not a single piece of paper! #happyearthday”

—Jenn Yappa

“What a great event this year. So many great topics for learning. I was unable to watch many as I am working, but plan on watching the on demands. I am very interested in the oral contraceptive... Thank you for yet another wonderful event...”

—Wendy De

"So many great topics and workshops...the exhibit hall...Great job this year."

—Nancy McKenney, Marin Humane

Matt Pepper
Matt Pepper

“I think it is one of the most fantastic experiences. Not only are the speakers and topics incredibly valuable, but the networking opportunities are marvelous.”

—Matt Pepper, CEO, Michigan Humane

"For being virtual only, this Expo was great and I can't wait to (hopefully) make it to an in person Expo!"

—Katie Kyzivat, For The Love Of Cats

"Access to so many topics and experts! So much fun!"

—Lynne Riley, Maddie & Friends Inc Salem Co.

"I literally got ALL the things I was hoping for (and more) from this Expo. Thank you!"

—Carrie Openshaw, Secondhand Hounds

"...it was so well organized and things went really smooth from the attendee side. It was by far the best virtual conference or workshop I have attended over the last year!"

—Katie Trennepohl, Indianapolis Animal Care Services