This is an archived session from 2020.

While adoption rates have improved substantially in recent years, nationwide there has been minimal improvement in return-to-owner statistics. Shelters will always be necessary safe havens for pets who truly do not have a home, but inflexible policies and expensive fees still leave too many animals branded as “homeless” even when they have an owner. Hear from shelter leaders about how they are using innovative strategies to drive positive outcomes and reunite pets with the people who love them.


  • Amanda Arrington | Senior Director, Pets for Life, the Humane Society of the United States
  • Mandy Evans | Executive Director, Panhandle Animal Shelter
  • Christopher Fitzgerald | Director of Animal Services, City of Rochester, NY - Animal Services Division
  • Gina Knepp | National Shelter Engagement Director, Michelson Found Animals Foundation
  • Jorge Ortega | Animal Services Director, Guilford County Animal Shelter


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